Güncelleme Tarihi: 05 Nisan 2022

Gösterim: 363

“Take-Read-Drop Book Piggy Bank Event” is Held at Our University

The Social Responsibility and Volunteering Coordinatorship and the Academic Research and Social Activity Community organize the “Take-Read-Leave Book Box” event at our university.

In the first stage of the event, which consists of two stages, book donations will be received through the stands opened at the Central Classroom Building, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences between 21-25 March 2022.
These books donated in the second stage will be left at the 'BUY-READ-LEFT' points determined at our University on April 6, 2022 to be delivered to our students. The aim is for students to leave these books back to these points after they have read them, and for another student to benefit from this book later on.